Business Services

The Business Services Division of Transcend Executive Group provides our clients the methodology to build capacity for long-lasting success. When we finish an initiative our work remains behind not just in written form. It resonates with your team in such a way that inspires an empowered outlook for their roles and contributions to organizational success.

We don’t strive to solve problems or simply meet goals. We aspire to help implement cultures that carry clients through waves of growth and change by instilling aligned purpose and empowered outcomes.

  • Cohesive leadership
  • Aligned vision
  • Expanded capacity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Enhanced culture


Unified leadership teams equal faster growth, greater outcomes and clearly defined purpose within collaborative and accountable work environments.   The bottom line:  A business you love belonging to and leading.

Transcend’s executive team-building services are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of each team and industry.  Designs incorporate best practices, relationship development, celebrations and preparation for future business deliverables.

  • Unified collaborative vision
  • Tangible goals and objectives
  • Enhanced leadership team dynamics
  • Accelerated development and integration of new members
  • Clear leadership operating statements and performance norms
  • Proven communication and growth strategies
  • Revitalized and empowered leadership

Transcend Executive Group provides an experiential Strategic Planning Process unlike any other. We do not tell you what to do:  we leverage your team as collective industry experts to gain insights, clarify direction and maximize business outcomes.

Our facilitators use proven approaches to unlock business focus, strengths and team growth. A truly dynamic and innovative plan emerges from the center of authentic collaboration. Participants leave with a stake in long-term company plans. The result is aligned strategy, commitment and purpose.

Strategy alone does not produce results.  Only well-executed actions lead to desired future outcomes.  Enter TEG’s Execution Building Services. We breakdown strategy into sequential, organized and achievable results.  Clients build capacity as we help you identify the best coalitions of employees to carry out large organizational strategic plans.

  • Co-created business focus
  • Clarified annual and multi-year plans
  • Developed quarterly goals and objectives
  • Clear execution operating plans
  • Strategic capacity development
  • Models for future planning

Celebrating success and showing appreciation for affiliation and hard work should be a part of every organization. Your choice to invest in something meaningful for your employees and stakeholders demonstrates commitment to maximizing culture, growth and outcomes.

Allow Transcend Executive Group to coordinate epic experiences for your organization.

Culture and Growth outcomes include:

  • Cross-department interaction
  • Personal Growth – increased self-confidence, purposeful reflection and laugh-out-loud fun.
  • Team Growth – enhanced communication, shared emotional experiences and trust building
  • Authentic pride and gratitude for the organization and colleagues

Embarking on your organizations 360° process can be a slippery slope.  In some cases, the end result may feel like backwards momentum instead of propelling the organization forward.  A Transcend facilitated 360° process yields greater outcomes by mitigating inherent risks and maximizing leadership development. 

Transcend’s 360° leadership development process is sequential and comprehensive.  We partner with CEOs and their teams to provide leadership and mentoring from start to finish. Ultimately, your business outcomes and professional development will transcend industry standards. 

The Transcend 360° leadership development contains five distinct phases.

  1. Preparation
  2. Feedback Collection
  3. Growth Planning
  4. Team Development
  5. Performance Reporting


·        Aligned and empowered executive leadership and culture

·        Proven assessment data to provide relevant and meaningful performance reviews  

·        Increased capacity to communicate, mentor and collaborate within the executive team

·        Strategic insights from Transcend consultants regarding team dynamics and organizational next steps

·        Personalized goal setting for individual accountability and increased collaboration




  • Arkadium
  • NewMark Merrill Companies
  • DiamondRock Hospitality
  • Entertainment Partners
  • NEED Financial Services
  • Spire Payments
  • Quixote Studios
  • Comverse
  • Reza Investment Group
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Oil Sands Leadership Initiative
  • Colville Confederated Tribes
  • Kalispel Tribe
  • Spokane Club
  • Young Presidents Organization
  • World Presidents Organization
  • Regroup Therapy
  • Maddock Douglas
  • City of Spokane
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Washington Trust Bank
  • United Displaycraft
  • Wells Fargo
  • Ignited
  • Schlouch Inc.
  • Arcade
  • Insula Companies
  • Rubicon Resources
  • Chronos Solutions
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Magi Real Estate