Transcend Leadership Training

What if your Organization became a leadership focused culture?

The Transcend Leadership Training is designed to demystify leadership in a way that empowers participants to discover and embrace their full leadership potential and create a common leadership approach and language as an organization.  Leaders will be given applicable insight into the tenets of leadership and the three realms of a leader's influence; resulting in a transformation of leadership mindsets and behaviors.

 Key Deliverables:

  • Create a common leadership mindset, behaviors and language within the organization.  

  • Accelerate and enhance the leadership development of mid-level management and high potential talent.

  • Define and know how to execute key action items that enhance business performance and leadership.

  • Learn new tools and applications that are designed to increase alignment, enhance empowerment, cultivate collaboration and strengthen accountability.  Examples include: mentoring tools, feedback models, check-in structures for direct reports and execution tools.  

 Method of Delivery:

The Transcend Leadership Training is comprised of four one-day courses.  To maximize the participant's learning and retention, it is recommended that the courses be taken in consecutive order and occur every 4-6 weeks. 


Participants will:

  • Establish personal ownership of the Transcend Leadership Model.

  • Examine characteristics of everlasting and exemplary leadership.

  • Increase leadership understanding through interactive dialogue and idea exchange.

  • Uncover leadership strengths and blind spots.

  • Inspire and embrace their full leadership potential.

Participants will:

  • Discover their authentic purpose, values and goals.

  • Evaluate personal leadership habits and routines.

  • Practice introspective and mindfulness tools to enhance personal leadership.

  • Create an actionable compelling future statement.

 Participants will receive applicable leadership tools that will:

  • Crystalize their compelling future as a leader.

  • Create a mindfulness plan to maximize their leadership potential.

  • Discover mindfulness practices that will help generate positive mindsets, emotions and environmental awareness that will lead to their developed leadership.

  • Explore the hidden dynamics of self by uncovering their internal messaging habits.

Participants will:

  • Practice mindsets and behaviors to align performance and increase execution. 

  • Acquire tools to foster a safe and courageous space for transparent feedback.

  • Assess the health and performance of key business relationships.

  • Identify actionable commitments to accelerate the performance of people.

Participants will receive applicable leadership tools that will:

  • Communicate the compelling future of the organization and business directives with clarity.

  • Elevate talent by helping them gain clarity of their professional purpose, values and goals.

  • Close the gap between talent's perception of performance and the realities of talent's performance.

  • Enhance the ability to relate and communicate effectively regarding growth and opportunity for development.

Participants will:

  • Identify core values to cultivate trust and set behavioral norms.

  • Assess current team dynamics to uncover opportunities for enhanced alignment, collaboration, empowerment and accountability.

  • Develop aligned goals and expectations that allow team members to thrive.

  • Identify actionable commitments that accelerate team and organizational performance.

Participants will receive applicable leadership tools that will:

  • Communicate change in a way that elevates its evolution.

  • Enhance meeting, communication and alignment structures.

  • Elevate performance through strengthened planning, execution and debrief practices.

  • Increase understanding of how to influence group development dynamics.


  • "A strategic investment to grow our leadership team into highly developed leaders, using a "whole person" approach that goes beyond traditional leadership best practices to integrate sound research on the role of emotion and psychology leadership."

  • "These course helped to develop and enhance the understanding of leadership and expand my leadership skill set.  As there are many perspectives, the courses are based on experience, empirical evidence and applicable strategies.  Leadership is always a practice and no one is perfect.  These courses have made me a better leader."

  • "A fundamental and universal dissection of leadership from the ground up to help you discuss, analyze and grow as a leader."

Participants will receive applicable leadership tools that will:

  • 100% of the participants have found the training valuable to their leadership development.

  • 79% of participants reported competence of leading self, people and teams due to the Transcend Leadership Training.

  • 80% of participants reported confidence in their ability to lead self, people and teams due to the Transcend Leadership Training.

  • 81% of participants left feeling engaged as a leader of self, people and teams due to the Transcend Leadership Training.