Client Pulse


"Over the 13 years I’ve been in business I can pinpoint a small number of pivotal moments that have dramatically moved my company forward. While some revolve around landing a big deal, many more have come as a result of my team working with Craig and Transcend. Our executive retreats, which were initially viewed with dread and skepticism have now become transformative experiences both for the individuals involved and the organization as a whole. The value we’ve gained from Transcend’s mediated and structured approach to solving our toughest business challenges is immeasurable.

As a consequence of working with Transcend, I view almost every important decision and communication through a new and improved filter. We are more focused, aligned and work more intelligently than we ever have. Transcend is my competitive advantage.”

- Jessica Rovello, Founder/President, Arkadium


“I have attended and chaired a number of YPO-WPO events in which Craig was the resource. He is a highly-regarded top resource as well as Chapter and Forum speaker at YPO. He has addressed a number of YPO global leadership conferences. Craig’s events at YPO are highly regarded and have won Best of the Best awards. He has an amazing ability to help transform teams and relationships. His work with my YPO forum, a number of my YPO friends, and his work with my team has been outstanding. His experience in coaching in business and family matters are exceptional.”

- Reza Etedali, CEO, REZA Investment Group


“I asked Craig to do executive coaching with me at the recommendation of a prominent executive in a similar industry to mine. Working with him has allowed me to advance my business, but perhaps most importantly, he has helped me do that while finding balance across all the areas of my life that need to be in sync. When we started working together, I felt I was trying to manage my business, my family, and my health as if they were all unrelated. He helped me realize that when one doesn’t work, none of the pieces work. Further, he has given me a strong set of tools to make sure I’m hitting my objectives in and out of the office. We are set up to have a breakout year. I can’t overstate the importance of working with Craig in getting me and my team to where we are. I highly recommend him and his work.”

- David Cohn, Founder at Regroup Therapy LLC