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TRANSCEND EXECUTIVE GROUP is a diversified consulting company committed to maximizing CEO business and life outcomes through tailored facilitation services. Transcend assists leaders in discovering their ultimate potential and purpose. Our greatest marketing tool is the experience of our exclusive clients. We know their endorsement means more than our words on this well-polished website. When maximum business and life success is your goal, your mentors and colleagues will recommend our services. Our distinctive and professional techniques for growth, learning and leadership are truly unrivaled. Whether it is Forum, Chapter, coaching or business catalyst services, Transcend uses experiential and collaborative approaches that are founded on trust and proven success. Truly transcend industry standards, maximize relationships and uncover authentic purpose by granting yourself permission to grow. Experience what other executives are raving about. Contact us.


Meet our Team

Craig Wiley

CRAIG WILEY is the founder and CEO of Transcend Executive Group.  Craig has an incredible ability to inspire people to achieve authentic purpose in business and life.  This skill propelled him to become one of the most highly-rated speakers and coaches in leading executive circles.  He has facilitated over 25 YPO-WPO international events, spoken around the world on business and life strategies, and become a trusted advisor to hundreds of top CEOs across the world.  His specialties include business team development, coaching, experiential facilitation, relationship dynamics and achievement.

Craig intentionally lives Transcend Executive Group’s vision and mission. Founding the company in 2005 was a profound and strategic implementation of the company’s core philosophies of aligning purpose within personal and professional life.  He continues his daily work to give back to the people who enrich his life with fun, connection, possibilities, and adventure. 

Craig holds a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology, both from Eastern Washington University.

Based in Washington    509.570.2674   

Ehren Wiley

EHREN WILEY is an instrumental part of the Transcend Executive Group team and ensures every client receives the support needed to fully maximize Transcend Executive Groups’ services.  She is a friendly voice providing essential communication for our partners while orchestrating venues, schedules, planning, and the fine finishing touches.

Ehren’s educational background in business, recreation management, and psychology elevate client outcomes via insightful contributions to the design and reporting of TEG’s most complex deliverables.  Clients trust her engagement and value her extension of the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism.

Ehren’s passion for clients and work is only rivaled by her passion for family and adventure.  She single-handedly educated the younger Wiley generation during a 6-month road trip across the U.S. that left the entire family transformed.   People describe Ehren as loyal, devoted, and inspiring.

Based in Washington    509.570.6179   

Tim Flemming

TIM FLEMMING, CPCC  is an executive coach, experienced facilitator, and leading event development expert.  Tim has over 15 years of professional experience leading events around the world, advising clients, and developing experiential education curriculum for diverse audiences.  Early in his career Tim developed his solid business and finance mind by trading currencies. Later, he became a licensed teacher, a certified executive coach and management within YPO-WPO. This diversity is ideal for our work.  Tim’s mission is to inspire people to realize their best life, learn the tools to achieve it, and take action!  Tim is passionate about teaching emotional intelligence and leadership skills to empower individuals, couples, families and teams to thrive in all segments of life.

Tim assists with client contact, coaching, and facilitation. With his shared passion for our philosophy and depth of experience, he expands Transcend Executive Group’s knowledge base to serve our partners with enhanced insight and service.

Based in Minnesota   612.719.9579   

Elliott Blodgett

ELLIOTT BLODGETT, PCC, CPCC  is results driven with broad experience as a business dynamics expert, forum facilitator and certified executive coach. His previous experience in leadership development was focused on working with leaders and teams from Fortune 500 companies, independently-owned businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, YPO-WPO forums and chapters to expand their leadership capacity and team effectiveness. This range of expertise along with his experiential methods make him an influential part of Transcend Executive Group. Elliott provides our clients with insights and practices that positively affect their businesses and employee potential.

Elliott's personal mission is to spark synergy in every person and team that he encounters and provide them with the space to realize their full personal and professional purpose. His passion for life, authenticity within relationships, and intentional approach help him maximize the positive affect’s he has with our client partners.

Based in Ohio   419.351.2198   

 Our Strategic Partners

Bart Crawford

BART CRAWFORD brings 35 years of diverse experience in human relations capacities including individual and group development, creating and implementing programs for adult learners and organizational consulting. Bart is the CEO and Founder of Crawford Collaborative Consulting. Formerly the Director of Training and Organizational Development for the National Indian Youth Leadership Project. At NIYLP, Bart was responsible for developing and implementing both internal and external group development and train the trainer workshops throughout the US, Canada and abroad. Previously as the Senior Trainer and Consultant with Project Adventure, Inc., Bart worked with thousands of educators, counselors, executives and consultants both in the US and internationally.

Bart’s experiential learning approach is interactive, engaging and fun. Though a custom designed workshop, participants of all ages have an opportunity to discover and practice simple life techniques that have been proven over time. Bart’s design and facilitation background elevates the custom expertise within our client’s Transcend events.

Andrew Stone

ANDREW STONE designs and facilitates life-changing learning experiences. For two decades, he has worked with adult professionals, universities, small businesses, sports teams and youth groups from around the world. Andrew delivers experiential events in a variety of settings that include classrooms, at conferences, in collaboration with therapeutic professionals and with outdoor experiential components.

Since 2007, Andrew has co-created parent-child experiences for YPO-WPO International and Chapters, served as a Resource on YPO-WPO events and served as an event expert for YPO-WPO International events.

Andrew’s professional passion is creating impactful small group, personal challenge, and family learning experiences that change each participant's perception of self and their relationship with the world. Andrew’s ability to create and deliver unique world-class experiences elevates the Transcend team.